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New? Need help? Experienced? Looking to upgrade software? READ THIS.


It's that time of year!

If this is your first Christmas season on the forums, please keep the following in mind.

Please do not consider installing a new version of software during the Christmas season. If you are running S4, then stay with S4 until January.
If you are currently on S5, do NOT upgrade to a higher version during the season.
Upgrading during the season, after your lights are running, oftentimes leads to more problems.

Many of the members here have their own displays. Usually in the month of November they are setting up their own display. In December they are doing holiday things, and maybe watching their displays. Thus, you should know that responses will usually be slower in coming this time of year. You are not being ignored, but those members who have their own display are probably working on their display instead of being here in the forums.

Here are a few things that will help everyone.

  • Don't create multiple threads in multiple forums.
  • Don't 'bump' threads just looking for an answer.
  • Don't post, "can anyone help?" type messages mere hours after you make a post.

Remember, the months of November and December are busy for everyone in the lighting world. Please keep this in mind during your time on the forums. If you have a question, go ahead and ask, but please try not to be upset if it takes longer than you might expect for a reply from someone.

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