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Spring Sale 2018

This announcement is no longer active




Important: The sale does not start until Friday Evening at 9:00PM EDT. Sale prices will not be applied to orders placed before the sale starts! Only items on the Mad Grab Sale Page are on sale. If you do not see a red sale price you are not in the right place! You will not see the Add To Cart button on sale items until the sale starts. You may need to click the refresh button on your browser once the sale starts to see the Add To Cart button.

It is time again for the Light-O-Rama Spring Inventory Reduction Sale. As always, there will be a limited number of items on sale and limited quantities available. There are no rain checks and once the predetermined number of items are sold the sale is finished.

To see the items on sale and sale prices, visit the Sale Page (Click Here)

More information about how the sale works can be found in Spring 2018 Mad Grab Sale Frequently Asked Questions

To get the sale price on an item, you must purchase the item using the link on the Sale Page. For example, if you want a Controller, do not go directly to the main Controller page but rather use the Controller link on the Sale Page.

On April 6, 2018, at exactly 9:00 PM EDT the items on the sale page will be activated. Until then you will not be able to add them to a shopping cart. 

STARTS AT 9:00 PM EDT (Night in New York) NOT IN THE MORNING !!!
IMPORTANT: There is a $3500.00 Limit on orders. If your order total goes above $3500.00 you will not be able to checkout. We have imposed this limit to prevent one person from buying up all the stock on fast selling items. You can place multiple orders. (we will combine shipping if you place more than one order).

VERY IMPORTANT : Our Online Store does not remove an item from inventory until you check out. For example, if there is only one Controller remaining in inventory, 10 people can put that Controller into their shopping cart but only the first one to checkout will get the Controller!

One last note/clarification: There have been silly rumors online that we have special Gold or Platinum members who get early access to the sale. That is not true. Everyone gets access to the sale at the same moment.